Bistrica: Rural Household – Small Village Dolac


The house of the Cindrak family is situated at an altitude of 900m above sea level, at the foot of hill called Kurilo. Azra and Sadik Cindrak have a beef cattle breeding and milk producing farm for a number of years. It is a big farm, this year they have 35 heads of cattle, and all three of their children participate in all of the work on the farm. As much as she is able, Sadik’s mother also contributes.

The flowers planted around the house, tidy rooms an all the dishes one has to taste- al that witnesses how diligent (yet so gentle) Azras hands are. Of course, abundance of milk and eggs on the farm are a basis for many things, especially for the sweets (baklava-sweet pastry made of layers filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup, gurabije – traditional cookies, urmasice – pastry drenched in sweet syrup). Aside from masenica (bread pudding) and various pies, especially interesting are buckwheat flour polenta and extremely wholesome and strong heljdija- a pie with buckwheat flour.

No need to worry, with the hikes(there is a marked hiking and biking trail nearby) and excursions your hosts can organize, picking blueberries and cornel tree fruit, fishing in the Bistrica or doing the everyday farm work, you will not think of calories.

Bistrica, Bijelo Polje
+382 67 535 865

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