Fly Fishing

Our Rivers

Fishing is a discipline with a long tradition in our region and each municipality has registered fly fishing zones. In one day you can fish in several rivers given the availability of a large number of fly fishing zones in a relatively small area. Our fly fishing zones are located on large rivers such as Tara and Lim but also on their tributaries and a real pleasure is to bait the hook in the waters of Zlorečica, Kuckaja, Bistrica … These are mountain river with the configuration of the terrain that is ideal for fly fishing- rapids, deep whirlpools, broad and still gradients take turns along the watercourse. The river banks are along all fly fishing zones generally easily accessible and very passable with arranged rest areas. Our zones are regularly stocked with brown trout, autochthonous species in our waters, but you can also find grayling and other fish species.

There are 11 fly fishing zones available on following rivers.

  • Lim and Ljuča, Municipality of Plav
  • Lim, Zlorečica and Kuckaja, Municipality of Andrijevica
  • Lim and Bistrica, Municipality of Berane
  • Lim, Bistrica and Ljubovidja, Municipality of Bijelo Polje
  • Tara, NP Biogradska Gora, Municipality of Kolašin

More information on fly fishing zones borders

  • River Lim, Plav
    From Lim Bridge downstream to “Sajle Kneževića”
  • River Ljuča, Plav
    From Gaz Turkovića downstream including the confluence of River Ljuca to Plavsko Lake
  • River Lim, Andrijevica
    From Zabrdski vir upstream to Vir Tišica
  • River Zlorečica, Andrijevica
    From the confluence of River Zlorečica into Lim upstream to Stankova Bara Vir
  • River Kuckaja, Andrijevica
    From the location of Kruška to the source of the River Kuckaja
  • River Lim, Berane
    From Talum Bridge upstream to the new Firehouse
  • River Bistrica, Berane
    From the location of Mali Zdravac upstream to the confluence of Bastašica stream to Bistrica River
  • River Lim, Bijelo Polje
    From Gubavački Bridge to Gošin Bridge
  • River Bistrica, Bijelo Polje
    From the bridge in Lozna Luka to the confluence of Bistrica River into Lim River
  • River Ljuboviđa, Bijelo Polje
    500m downstream and 500m upstream from Ethno Village “Vuković”
  • RiverTara, Kolašin
    From the location of Vrlostup downstream to the confluence of the River Štitarička into the River Tara

Fishing regulations and permits

In our fly fishing zones, only catch and release is allowed using fly fishing tackle, with one fly. In addition, the use of landing nets and no barbed hooks is required. Fishing on live bait and trickster is not allowed.
Fishing permits can be obtained from local clubs that manage water in our region. For information about prices and types of permits, please contact us.

Fish species

Our fly fishing zones are very rich in fish and there have been examples of trophy catch. Real attraction for all lovers of fly fishing is grayling which is most common in our rivers. Besides grayling, waters are inhabited by brook trout, huchen and nase and in Plav you can find pike and endemic species of “muddy” trout. Because of the ideal conditions and water quality, large fish specimens can be caught.