Fly Fishing in Berane

In relation to Plav and Andrijevica, River Lim in Berane is river with slightly larger water levels. Its width in this area ranges from 25 to 50 meters. The banks are very accessible and not too overgrown with vegetation.


Fly fishing zone on the River Lim is located near the town of Berane and its length is about 2 km. Fly-fishing zone is characterized by deep whirlpools, that hide the largest specimens of trout and hucho hucho, and very long and wide overflows extremely rich with grayling. Apart from salmon species, this fly-fishing zone is rich with nase and chub and is very suitable for all fly-fishing techniques. In this part of the river, the most common is catching grayling. The most common is fishing with a dry fly, which is a real pleasure on Lim’s big overflows. In this area, fishing of brown and rainbow trout can be very successful. Due to the width and depth of water, the best way to catch large trouts is to use different types of streamer. It is recommended to use intermediate or sinking rope when catching with streamer. Streamers: Black, white, yellow and wooly badger.

River Bistrica
In times of high water levels, which are usually in April and May, visitors can enjoy fishing on Bistrica River in Berane. It is a tributary of Lim, which comes from the mountain Bjelasica and is a great place for trout spawning and even hucho hucho. It is known for its wildlife and natural beauty. Canyon part is “heavy” for fly-fishing, but also the biggest challenge for any serious fly fishermen. The most common fly-fishing technique is with large numbers of surface flies. The big brown palmer gives the best results in the evening hours. River should be carefully researched and one needs to hide from salmonids that lurk in every “pocket” behind larger stone. Nymphs are also recommended. [1]

  1. This fly-fishing zone has been stocked, equipped and marked in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije, with financial assistance of Austrian Development Agency. []

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