Biking Trails – Plav&Gusinje

If you have already enjoyed pedalling in some of the other regions of Montenegro, Plav and its surroundings will not disappoint you; on the contrary, it will offer you new inspiration.

But if you also want to try the taste of Montenegrin starters on two wheels for the first time, this region is an excellent place for something like that. Here we will find easy and amusing tours for beginners, some slightly more demanding for “apprentices” in their love according to the formula ”mountains + two wheels”, and at the end also there are routes at which the eyes of already experienced mountain bikers will light up.

However, the kilometres and fresh air are not the only things which feel good here: the region of Plav is a carpet woven of rich green and fascinating blue threads, a mosaic of cultures, customs, religions and an interesting history, home to kind people and a treasury of good food.

To the south – the mighty mountain range of Prokletije into which the valleys of Ropojana and Grebaja boldly rush; to the north side as a counterbalance and counterpoint – stands the round, bushy profile of Mt. Visitor, whereas in the middle the blueness of Lake Plav sparkles, whose apparent fragility can easily deceive you: because that blue, calm water just like a sinkhole at the bottom of a pool, sucks both Prokletije and Visitor into a swirling orbit around it. But it pulls not only them but also the little towns of Gusinje and Plav, the local people, the pasturelands and the horses on them, the gastronomic scents of herbs and the healing aroma of ćevapi (kebabs) … all this is constantly falling into the lake, and never completely emptying through it, and there is always enough of it to put together a new day above the Plav Valley.

The whirling will certainly possess you as well – it will throw you onto the waters of Lake Hrid, swing you onto Memina planina (Mema’ s Mountain) or onto the peaks of Visitor, and leave your imprints in the cracks of Prokletije – but in the end, like everything else, it will always bring you back to Lake Plav. And in order to find your way through that irresistible whirlpool and use its strength in a better way, we offer you this guide. You will definitely find something that suits you in it, and the detailed descriptions will allow you to better assess the difficulty and the conditions, and therefore to start your tour more relaxed.

In order to stop you worrying when you are out and about, we have tried to mark all the routes you will find here with a quality system of signposts. However we also recommend you download the GPS database from our website, which will considerably facilitate both your planning and orientation on the terrain, giving you, in addition, greater freedom to change your plans on the spot, to skip from one route to another if you want to, to shorten or extend your ride – without having to worry about whether you will make it or not.

One of the top biking trailEastern Enchanting (TT3) – passes through the territory of Plav (and Gusinje) municipality.

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