Biking Trail PV01 – Crkvice


Trail length is 52.6 km; grade varies from heavy to light. The starting point is the site called Crkvice (1012m) located on the main road from Bijelo Polje – Pljevlja. Further takes down the asphalt road to the village of Vodno, and then turns turn left onto the gravel road further , with a few ups and downhill passes through the village of Vodno (975m), Slatka (1234m), Borova (1263m) and Podborova (965m). It continues down the asphalt road to the village Vrulja (913m) and takes asphalt regional road through the intersection in the village Ljutići (1005m). Then turns left and continues following the gravel road through the village Ljutići and crossing the bridge at location Zemunica (858m) crossing the river Ćehotina uphill to Zekavice (1021m). Turns onto the asphalt road and descends to the village Vilići (858m) connecting the main road Zabljak – Pljevlja. Trail ends in Pljevlja at the location of bicycle service of Biking club Rudar in Moćevac settlement.

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