Biking Route BA01 – Circle Around Berane


This biking route leads through suburban and rural areas of the municipality of Berane. It is a beautiful area, mild green landscape of the valley of Lim decorated with small plantations and orchards.

The route starts in the village of Budimlja on the northeastern side and ends in the village of Lubnice on the southwestern side of the town, next to the river Bistrica, on the main road to Lubnice. Together with a section of Top biking trail 3 – Enchanting East (TT3) it forms an interesting biking ring around the town (30 km), which is very convenient for undemanding local cyclists or for tourists who have stayed in the town and wish to quickly explore surroundings on two wheels and do not have time to ride the attractive mountainous terrain covered by other Berane routes.

There are several historical sites on the route, most interesting of which (if you take full circle) is the Monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi (XII century).

As natural sites , particularly interesting might be numerous caves, in particular Djato in Petnjik village, Vrelo in Navotina village, as well as numerous caves that can be explored at the beginning of the canyon Bistrica.

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