Biking Route BA05 – Katuns, Lakes And Heights


The most beautiful, the most attractive and the most challenging route in the Berane biking set. Filled with adrenaline, IT requires excellent physical condition. The route on which you will ride, push and occasionally carry your bike on the back. This is a route with two return options that must be ridden twice to fully complete this beautiful adventure mosaic.

Start of the route is on the fifth kilometer of Lubnice to Jelovica, at the intersection of Pesica Lake , and the starting point can be reached by route BA02. From there, slightly harder ascent starts on excellent gravel road towards katun Senica and katuns that are located in Pesica Rupe, a large glacial cirque, which is surrounded by the highest peaks of Bjelasica, Crna Glava and Zekova Glava.

From the location Pesica Rupe, ie. from the katun Lukoviste, begins hike-a-bike section to Pesica Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Bjelasica, and then continuing further by narrow trail to the Olomerska pass, located between Zekova Glava and Crna Glava. Olomerska is a great vantage point and the point where the route splits into two fabulous options.

This is a lighter option if you take into account the length of this route overlapping with the existing hiking trail. A few hundred meters south-west to the summit Zekova Glava, you will find a dirt road where a lengthy downhill ride begins. Riding these slopes is pure joy and the view is unforgettable.

Very quickly you will get to the eco-katun Vranjak, which can be a nice break. The route then passes by the mountain hut Bjelasica, followed by location known as the Crossroads/Raskrsnica. As the name suggests it is a big crossroads where you can go to Kolasin, Komovi or Jelovica (the road leading to the southern side is road for Jelovica).

Next you will come across a large forest complex, and after 3km from Crossroads/Raskrsnica you need to turn sharply to the left onto the gravel road that leads to hidden and tucked katuns Tusta and Padez. When you pass katun Padez it will take 1.3 km to reach Ravna Jelovica and connection with BA02 route that will, mainly by asphalt roads, get you to Lubnice.

So, we’re back in the saddle Olomerska, where opposite of the option A, in the northern direction, a somewhat more difficult option of this route begins.  By taking a hiking trail you reach Pitoma Ravan, and then through Galica you get just below the Crna Glava peak, the highest point on Bjelasica. This is a great opportunity for a break and maybe conquer this peak!  For those who are accustomed to single tracks a great descent follows towards Urslulovacko lake. For the rest of you, not accustomed to single track riding, you can easily push your bikes.

From the lake you turn right and then continue a bit more downhill via a hiking trail until the first farmers’ huts of the katun Mali Ursulovac. From there, the route connects to the dirt road.

You continue the ride through the large forests known as Desina gora, and then just before the turn for Desin do village, the route continues to climb towards the location called Pojatište.

There is a beautiful hiking trail that goes from Pojatiste to Crna Glava, and just here, near Pojatiste a fantastic natural attraction known as Udovinjica is hidden. From Pojatiste through Velji Do and Sela, you descend towards the end of the route, and the end of this route is in fact a connection to the route BA02.

If after exhausting journey there is some strength and will still remaining, you really should take a break at Pojatiste and search for a marked hiking trail that leads to Udovinjica. Udovinjica is actually a series of impressive natural ravines that wind through the Zuta Platija/Yellow Plate. The width of the ravines is 3-4 meters, while the vertical cliffs are up to 50 meters high. This miracle of nature, which until recently was hidden from the nature lovers, was used in the old times by the villagers as a natural corral. History remembers that at the times of Ottoman Empire a terrible death of male residents of the village happened here, when they were killed by the Albanian tribe of Kliments.  Many widows remained after this event, and because of that, this place is called Udovinjica (from the word udovica which means widow).