Biking Trails – Plužine

The abundance of mountain peaks, canyons, valleys, thick woods, viewpoints, eco and ethno villages, summer pastures, makes the Piva region ideal for mountain cycling.

Situated at an altitude of 1.110 m and with accommodation capacity of 60 beds (20 in eco village Jugoslavija and 40 in Spomen Dom),the village Crkvicko Polje is the perfect place for persons fond of nature and mountain cycling. A circular path in this village is 5.600 m long. Ride along a macadam road and through meadows will take you to the viewpoint on the Tara River Canyon, which offers a majestic view of clear mountain beauty, the Tara River.

From Crkvicko Polje you can go to Zabljak on a bicycle, along the 22 km long road accross the village Trsa,where is located the Bed & Bike eco village Milogora. On the way from Trsa to the village Nedajno you can get to the Susica canyon, and there is a climbers’ lodge near Susica Lake. There are signs for cyclists on this route, since it is the TT4 track, included in the National Cycle Routes. The macadam road goes from Susica Lake to the village Mala Crna Gora, and it leads up to Stuoc ridge, a place with the most beautiful view of Sinjajevina Mountain.

From Trsa to Pluzine leads an asfalt road, which passes along the edge of the canyon.

Another way from Trsa

Trsa – Boricje – Seljkovac – Dubljevici – Bezuje – descending into the Komarnica Canyon – crossing the bridge – rise to the ethno village Izlazak located in the village Rudinice.

There is an old road from Pluzine to Niksic which passes through Bajovo Polje, and which can take you to the village Brezna where there are an eco and ethno villages.

The ethno village Montenegro is famous for traditional international cycle race Putevima Baja Pivljanina, which is organized by Bike Club Perun from Niksic. The Race takes place on the slopes of Vojnik Mountain, the track included in the Cycle Racing Tracks of Montenegro Cycling Association.

Along the eastern slope of Vojnik Mountain, through the woods, you can get to Goransko. From there, through the village Smrijecno, the track goes to Ravno ridge, from where you can see Gacko. Cycling downhill, along the 15 km long branch of Piva Lake, the track leads to Pluzine. It is necessary to follow the signals from Smrijecno to Pluzine (TT4 track), while the roads through Golija Mountain have not been explored yet, and a guide is needed. Surrounded by beech and conifer forests, these roads make every cyclist enjoy the unexplored, untouched, wild beauty.

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