Lubnice: Rural Household – Kljajic House

They are young, diligent, always smiling and they have four children. Their enthusiasm is contagious and one simply feels a natural need to join them instantly in picking the raspberries, making beehives, processing fruit…

Their family home is more than a hundred years old, protected with the hill Stubica above and it is a small ethnographic museum. It is all there, from the cradle, wooden dishes and molds for making peasant shoes from leather, to the symbols of 20th century. Apart from the beautiful view on the river Jelovica and the mountains, the house offers the full experience of the ancient way of life in a mountain village. And it is exactly for that project: “ Agrotourism- providing accommodation for eco tourists in an authentic village house” that Kljajic family has won first prize on the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Western Balkans Green Ideas Forum.

Beekeeping is a family tradition for generations, and the children already take part, as is also the case with all the other work in the household. Milan and Maja make supreme organic honey, honey with dried fruits, mead and brandies with honey. Equally serious is their fruit and vegetable production so they have no problem in selling all the remaining quantities of products the household does not process- mostly raspberries, carrots, potatoes. Tireless Maja will unselfishly reveal to you her recipes for juices and salads and a wholesome, healthy life.

You will be permanently charmed with Maja’s joyful energy. It is as if endless, authentic beauty and strength of Lubnice, a magical, special place of special people shines from this queen-bee woman.

Lubnice, Berane
+382 69 738 692

+382 69 537 601

Biking trails which pass by accommodation:

Top Biking Trail 3 – Eastern Enchantment


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