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Plav Cultural Route by Bike

Once you have explored all the wonderful mountain bike trails offered in Plav area, a real treat that awaits you is exploring Plav cultural route and getting to know the cultural heritage of this region. In 55 kilometers of this tour that covers both banks Plavsko lake, Ljuca and Lim rivers, you will meet with … Continue reading Plav Cultural Route by Bike

Biking Trail PL02 – Kofiljača

Plav – Đurička Rijeka –  Kofiljača – Plav   GPS A very beautiful tour which fascinates with the diversity of the landscapes through which it leads, so even the pickiest will find something here for them – open spaces with distant views, gentle meadows covered with thick deposits of tranquillity, a deep and always slightly … Continue reading Biking Trail PL02 – Kofiljača