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Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

This is a very interesting biking trail that passes the actual border area with Albania through whole zone of the newly formed regional nature park “Komovi”. Aside from phenomenal beauty one will encounter on each its meter, it is also strategically very important because it connects two national biking trails TT4 and TT3 and the … Continue reading Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

Podgorica: Biking Through Kucka Krajina

Podgorica – Kučka korita – Rikavačko Lake – Bukumirsko Lake – Podgorica   GPS   We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Albert Einstein   Departing from Podgorica (0 km, 60 altitude) The idea for the tour came up only … Continue reading Podgorica: Biking Through Kucka Krajina


GPS From the old royal capital grown in the sea of stone to Atlantis sunk in the sea of grass. A course of semoljology (Interested to graduate in this science? See below…) according to a timetable set by the blasting time in a mine. Rolling along a route on which the monastery stone has been … Continue reading Top Biking Trail 4: ENDLESS LANDSCAPES