Panoramic Roads

Montenegro is a true pocket dictionary of various concepts, experiences, emotions, scenes, opposites and extremes.

Small and densely packed, such is the situation here – for the reason that the space itself is compressed, with everything else that goes with it. Sudden take-offs into the chilly heights and fast landings onto the Mediterranean. Landscapes that change like in a motion picture. Vistas that open up and run away somewhere behind the wheels. Sublime adventures through canyons, river and lake valleys, through the shadows of coniferous forests, scattered villages and summer pastures. Friction against the hidden, narrow roads.

Rolling through the augury of different sorts of scents, through the rugged rocks in which the flowers bloom and through the meadows from which bluffs of flowers and grass stick out, and then, without rest or warning, decorations of infinite widths and open seas, which tease and move the senses.

Panoramic routes of Montenegro are dedicated to mobile home tourists, though many routes are also good for biking, and sometimes they even overlap with Top Biking Trails.

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