Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

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This is a very interesting biking trail that passes the actual border area with Albania through whole zone of the newly formed regional nature park “Komovi”. Aside from phenomenal beauty one will encounter on each its meter, it is also strategically very important because it connects two national biking trails TT4 and TT3 and the municipalities of Podgorica and Andrijevica through the untouched nature. This is the trail that any cycling adventurer who has decided to go toward northeastern regions of Montenegro should not miss.

From Rikavačko Lake (1315m) and katun Rikavac (1380m) we go along the unpaved serpentines towards the katun Ljakovici (1768m), and then from the katun we turn right and continue over Širokar and Karimani to Krivodoljski katun (1708m). From Krivodolj trail continues through large forest complex (1550m), through which we descend in Srpska rupa (1280m), at the place where the Velji and Prouški stream connect and form Vučin stream. Here a new ascent begins along the gravel road towards Bindza and Carine. When we finally get beneath south side of Planinica we will find an intersection (1660m) from which  one branch leads to Bindza Oraovska, second descends towards Kurlaja Vujadinovica, third goes to Opasanica, and we continue through the northwest road that leads ti carine and Krst od prevlake (1770m).

This whole area from Rikavac to Carine is full of wonderful vistas, with couple of fabulous panoramas of numerous peaks of Prokletije and Vrmosa valley. There are also beautiful katuns and very diverse natural ambient which at times really leaves you breathless, especially those who are here for the first time.

On Krst od Prevlake (place on Carine), there is a small church that was until recently known as a church was built at the highest altitude in Europe, and now this title has been taken over, as far as we know, by the Church on Cafa Prijedolska (TT3 biking trail). There is one traditional event organized here in Carine each year, on August 2, on St. Elijah Day, a folk fair and huge gathering of local people, so tourists who pass through here at this time can also enjoy in this very local manifestation.

From this small church we turn immediately to the right, on gravel road that leads to katun Sumor (Mijovici), but we do not go down to the pond (1758m), but on the first curve we turn towards katun Petrovici, via lower branch of the road, from where we enter a hiking trail that we will follow for the next two kilometers.

This trail is good, it is quite passable and those of you who are skilled in riding on singletrack trails will descend without any problems to Mojanska river, and those who are not as skilled will need to push the bike through the beautiful beech forest.

When we get down via this singletrack trail, there is one timber bridge (1350m), which we will use to cross the river and we’re back in dirt road. We then ride next to the clear and beatuful Mojanska river, and very soon we will reach the katun also called Mojanska river (1140m), located at meadow plateau, right on the coast of the actual river, and at the crossroads of trails that lead to Surdup and Mojan. We continue straight ahead and slightly downhill, and after a while move to the left bank of the river, and on flat terrain we enter the final section of this trail that will take us to asphalt road that is part of local biking trail AN05 in Josanica village (930m). Nearby is a connection to the TT3 biking trail.

By the end of 2016 the plan is to start up the students recreation and mountain lodge and camping site in Josanica, fully equipped with all the outdoor sports equipment, bicycles, kayaks, fly fishing gear, snowshoes touring skis, with a sports field, so people will be able to spend the night here and enjoy the exploration of Komovi and surrounding mountains at affordable prices. In addition, we are entering in the zone Andrijevica network of very attractive, signposted local biking trails which can take us to Stavna, Bjelasica or even to Prokletije through the hidden village of Kuti.

Also, we are pleased to share with you information that people in this region are actively working to improve the offer when it comes to rural tourism, a one household has already been registered, and few families are preparing to do the same. All these activities together will, we hope, result in this fantastic and completely neglected place growing into a mountain, tourist center, similar to Stavna, which would contribute to the overall development of a small municipality such as Andrijevica.

Exploration of this trail has been supported by National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro.


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