Countryside Trails

Not all nature lovers are interested in mountaineering, in conquering peaks and in adrenaline of climbing steep and often dangerous trails. And conquering peaks is not all there is in being active. Sometimes we want a relaxed walk, a beautiful landscape in front of us, the peace and quiet that will recharge your batteries for everyday bustle of life. For those who live here, such opportunities are all around us. Maybe you have not thought about them, maybe you are not so familiar with your surroundings, but the advantage of living in this region is incredible closeness of fabulous nature, which often we are not aware of. Therefore, we present to you the concept of countryside trails, trails that will take you through the mountainous regions, beautiful nature, through our villages, orchards, fields and meadows, and will make you feed your body and your soul at the same time.

These trails are designed to be physically strenuous enough to make sure you burn your calories, be active, do the right thing for your physical health. But they also designed to connect our villages that have long been dormant, somewhat abandoned, but still alive and interesting. They follow the shepherds’ trails, that locals used for getting their herds to the pastures, or forgotten trails that were made long ago, before the roads were built, for villagers to do their trading, that connected neighboring villages. You will find on these trails the beauty that you do not see every day, the peace that we all miss, the history long forgotten. In the spring, such a walk will be a treat for all your senses, with spring flowers such as meadow saffrons and snowdrops making you feel merry without any particular reason. In summer you can hide here from the heat of the city, enjoy the shade of the trees and the coolness of mountain streams, and you will be convinced that these villages are alive because at every step you will meet the locals either in the fields, or mowing, or with their livestock. Fall will probably be most appealing, since it is nowhere more beautiful than here. You will wish that they too lived here when you see the fruit that autumn brings, when you steal a maze ear, relax under the apple trees, you help yourself with some fruit when you are hungry and tired without feeling guilty because there are so many fruits all around you and the owners will not miss a couple of apples or plums. But what is the best here is the fact that even in winter you can be active, with good shoes and clothes you need not worry you will get snowed in somewhere, since you are not somewhere in wilderness, but always near some village. And these landscapes under the snow are certainly worth the effort and couple of frozen fingers.

Because we are certain of truthfulness of this story, we present to you the trails we explored ourselves, with some guidance from locals. Let this be just the beginning of a network of countryside trails, we would love that you get involved as well in creating this network, whether by proposing new trails, or by exploring them and describing them yourselves. And we’ll gladly share your stories for the others to enjoy them.