In Plav, Andrijevica and Bijelo Polje all fly-fishing techniques give excellent results. The imitation of Upwinged flies (BWO, yellow, cream …) on small numbers is mostly used when fishing with dry flies. In addition to upwinged flies (Ephemeroptera), the variants of red tag and the hot bats on small sizes give excellent results as well.

When fishing with nymphs one should also use small imitations of upwinged flies and tular. Flies, which have proven to be good for fishing throughout the season, are pheasant tail and hare’s ear, sizes from 12 to 18. In the beginning of the season, it is necessary to use larger and heavier nymphs due to increased water levels and later in the summer and autumn months use nymphs on small sizes 16 and 18.

Grayling is usually fed with brown, maroon and olive upwinged flies in sizes 12, 14 and 16, and in the summer period imitations of ants fly, black and brown varieties, are mandatory.

Flies that have proven to be very good while fishing on River Lim in Berane are dry flies – all imitations of ants, of which the most famous is “ant Beranac” made of peacock’s feather, then olive and brown upwinged flies, red tag, hot bat and green sedge (Caddis)
Nymphs: One of the best nymphs is pheasant tail in sizes 18-12. Nymphs in olive tones are also good.

The specificity of River Lim, the largest watercourse, are long and broad overflows that usually in the early evening, “boil ” of fish that then willingly takes flies from surface. Grayling, with its skilful taking of food from the surface, is a real attraction. Trout is a little shy, is located at places specific for this species, and will be happy to take the “imitation” to the very banks in the shallows or a “pocket” sheltered with willow trees.

The tributaries are usually clear trout waters, although grayling could be found in each in the first 1-2 km. Fish population and swarming of insects is the same as on the Lim and therefore the same nymphs and surface flies can be used.

Fly-fishing on Tara River can be successfull using dry flies, nymphs and streamers and a real pleasure is catching grayling with dry flies. Grayling takes very tiny insects – their imitation with sizes 16 and 18 is the best, and fishing can be successful throughout the day. Flies that have proven to be the best for catching grayling are darker upwinged flies made of pheasant’s feathers, BWO flies, black and brown ants. For catching trout, the best imitations are yellow stonefly and large Mayflies in the colors of maroon and brown. Grayling and trout can be successfully caught with nymphs throughout the season. The best nymphs are pheasant’s tail and the hare’s ear in sizes 12, 14 and 16. Streamers are the best for fishing in the early morning or late evening. In addition to the brown trout, it is possible to catch hucho hucho as well.