Fly Fishing in Andrijevica

Lim is one of the largest rivers in Montenegro. It flows out from Plavsko Lake and in Montenegro flows through four cities: Plav, Andrijevica, Berane and BijeloPolje; in the neighboring country of Serbia, it passes through the towns of Prijepolje and Priboj. At the end, Lim flows into the Drina River and is its largest tributary. Andrijevica is a small town in the northeast of Montenegro situated at the foot of the mountain Komovi. The largest part of the Lim River and its tributaries that belong to this municipality is intended only for fly fishing, according to catch and release regulation.


Fly fishing zone encompass the River Lim together with its tributaries, as they create an unbreakable whole. The River Kuckaja flows into Zlorečica that flows into Lim. The complete flows of these two rivers belong to fly fishing zone that continues to the river Lim in the length of 5 km downstream from the confluence of Zlorečica.

The source of Kuckaja River is below the mountains of Komovi. Together with Perućica River, it forms the River Zlorečica. Kuckaja is pure trout water and is a natural spawning of this species. This small river and its surroundings provide an experience full of wild and untouched nature.

Zlorečica River is bigger tributary of the River Lim with very clear and cold water from its beginning up to the confluence into the Lim. Zlorečica is inhabited by brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout. Because of the purity and plenty of fish, Zlorečica is a great place for fly-fishing.


The best time for fly-fishing on the river Zlorečica is the beginning of the season, June and July, when the fish is active almost all day and fishing with a dry fly is a real pleasure when large pieces of fish feed on with Mayflies and stoneflies. Zlorečica has good water levels throughout the year, so that fly-fishing can be very successful through the whole season. The best time for fishing on the river Kuckaja is the very beginning of the season.


The right place for catching grayling is fly-fishing zone on the River Lim. In this part of Lim, terrains are of different configurations – from the great rapids to the broad and still gradients. Grayling, the most typical fish in this area, could be found along the entire length of the fly-fishing zone. In the bigger rapids and deeper whirlpools, the biggest specimens of rainbow and brown trout are hidden. The area is also inhabited with hucho hucho, by which the River Lim is known. [1]

  1. This fly-fishing zone has been stocked, equipped and marked in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije, with financial assistance of Austrian Development Agency. []

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