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Mountain Outdoor Center – Krivi Do
Bjelasica – Andrijevica – Montenegro

Balj and Pisevo

Balj and Piševo, mountains that stretch over Andrijevica villages Seoce and Gracanica, are very interesting when it comes to mountain biking, and this route is the missing link to complete a network of Andrijevca biking trails. The route is rich with beautiful vantage points of the valley of Lim, Andrijevica, Komovi and Zeletin and on … Continue reading Balj and Pisevo

Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

This is a very interesting biking trail that passes the actual border area with Albania through whole zone of the newly formed regional nature park “Komovi”. Aside from phenomenal beauty one will encounter on each its meter, it is also strategically very important because it connects two national biking trails TT4 and TT3 and the … Continue reading Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

Berane: On That Hilly Sekular

GPS  Many nice biking moments you will experience in Sekular, especially if you are ready to explore this isolated and still very rural area, maybe even more rural today than couple of decades ago. There are many fantastic trails here, and some of them will be included in our project of marking of trails in … Continue reading Berane: On That Hilly Sekular

Bjelasica: Two Peaks and Five Lakes Route

GPS Is it possible in one day to ride a bike around some of the most important and most beautiful locations on Bjelasica? Can we arrange a biking route that includes Pesica Lake, Zekova glava peak, Crna Glava, Ursulovacko Lake, Sevarinsko and Sisko lakes? Certainly, in case we combine biking and hiking, which is a … Continue reading Bjelasica: Two Peaks and Five Lakes Route

Petnjica: Hidden Jewel of Popca

GPS Bihor area is one of the favorite destinations for bikers from Berane and Bijelo Polje. Many roads and trails, many villages, beautiful surroundings, hospitable locals. And exactly there, in Petnjica municipality, there is a hidden corner, untouched jewel of nature on Popca river, known as Bratimin vir. This is a tough to access gordge … Continue reading Petnjica: Hidden Jewel of Popca