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Biking Route BA02 – Through The Woodlands Of Turija And Jelovica

GPS Very demanding mountain route with constantly alternating pastures and large complexes of coniferous and beech forests. The route passes through several katuns – (Lokva, Konjsko brdo, Meka, Turija, Patkovica, Kapetanov laz, Jelovica), and there is an abundance of fresh water springs for which Bjelasica mountain is famous. The road consists of a small percentage … Continue reading Biking Route BA02 – Through The Woodlands Of Turija And Jelovica

CS3: Crni vrh – Veliđe

We recommend this route for all seasons, though we liked it most in autumn, during the Indian summer, when the colors go crazy and leaves rustles underfoot, when shephers return from summer pastures the village meadows become noisy with the sound of sheep, when brandy making season starts and orchards are bowed under the weight … Continue reading CS3: Crni vrh – Veliđe

Enchanting Forests Of Kaludra

Village Kaludra (11km, 885m) is one of the favorite destinations Berane bikers. The characteristics of this routes are paved road, moderate mileage in both directions (22 km) and climb that anyone in a remotely moderate shape can handle. When you pass the suburb of Luge and the village of Donja Ržanica, you will ride through … Continue reading Enchanting Forests Of Kaludra

On TT3 Biking Trail

Riding across Montenegro to meet in Podgorica, we first encounter signs for a multi-day off-pavement route outside Mojkovac, one of the larger towns on this 300km loop route.  The Top Biking Trail 3 is billed as a route of “Eastern Enchantment”, and is offered to riders through an official guide, limited trail signage, and a free … Continue reading On TT3 Biking Trail

Berane: On That Hilly Sekular

GPS  Many nice biking moments you will experience in Sekular, especially if you are ready to explore this isolated and still very rural area, maybe even more rural today than couple of decades ago. There are many fantastic trails here, and some of them will be included in our project of marking of trails in … Continue reading Berane: On That Hilly Sekular

Bjelasica: Two Peaks and Five Lakes Route

GPS Is it possible in one day to ride a bike around some of the most important and most beautiful locations on Bjelasica? Can we arrange a biking route that includes Pesica Lake, Zekova glava peak, Crna Glava, Ursulovacko Lake, Sevarinsko and Sisko lakes? Certainly, in case we combine biking and hiking, which is a … Continue reading Bjelasica: Two Peaks and Five Lakes Route