Brezojevice: Rural Household – Velemun


Since his childhood days, Mico was passionate about hiking and got to know every footstep of Prokletije Mountains. For decades he shared his passion for nature with younger generations working as a professor of biology in Plav. For many years he has been carrying the plants from Prokletije in his mountain backpack and so little by little, created a botanical garden Velemun in Brezojevice, near the national park Prokletije.

You don’t have to be familiar with botany, Mico’s garden will surely enchant you with its treasury of over 350 different specimens of plants many of which are endemic, and Mico has a story about every one of them.

In the cozy log cabin next to the garden you can enjoy the candied forest fruit, juice or domestic brandy. Nature lovers will not easily leave from this place, because it is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty of mountains Visitor and Prokletije which are easily accessible thanks to the numerous paths for hiking and biking.

4-6 people
+382 69 470 022

Biking trails which pass by accommodation:

Top Biking Trail 3 – Eastern Enchantment
Plav Local Trails
Andrijevica Local Trails



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