Free Climbing in Kolašin


Width 42 ° 50’13 .18 ” Н
Length 19 ° 34’2 .31 ” Е

Recommendation: Plenty of forests around the climbing area, water source, diverse routes appropriate for both beginners and advanced climbers.

There are ideal areas for free climbing in Kolasin. The rock in Biocinovici has three sectors ten to thirty metre high, the first of those sectors is near the road, the second and the third require some walking through the forest. Very well equipped climbing area in Biocinovici, with its 30 routes that were for many the site of their fist climb, facing the fear and discovering ones physical and mental strengths and capabilities, has now been upgraded with thirty-one new routes. Bjelasica, its forests and springs, beauty, is a perfect quiet and inspiring environment for climbers.

How To Get There?

Kolasin is around 70km far from Podgorica, to the North. At the bridge on the Tara, one should turn right and enter the town, than follow the signposts pointing towards Jezerine ski centre. Three kilometres from the town, after the last houses, there is a wooden bridge across the small mountain river on the left side, then further along the path, beside the spring of drinking and cold water, one minute to the first sector. The path to the second and the third sector takes five minutes walking.


Apart from several good hotels, Kolasin offers a large number of apartments and rooms for rent. When in restaurants it is a must to taste local dishes the area is famous for:
kacamak and leaved cheese.

List of directions