Bistrica: Rural Household – Green Valley


The home of Hajrija and Mifto Pilica in Bistrica is ideal for a family holiday. It is all there: comfortable rooms, a table in the yard where one can have breakfast with the birds singing, a spring, meadow, animals, mesmerizing air. All to help the guest, both parents and children, to completely relax and relinquish themselves to their hostess’ beautiful personality, her soothing spirit and her marvelous cuisine. Not only Hajria’s airy cheese pies, polenta, sweet gurabije (cookie)- specialities and treats are marvelous, but even the “commonest” dry bread, and homemade coffee served with sugar cubes.

Mifto and Hajrija Pilica have two sons and a married daughter. They have all learned German since the family lived in Germany over a period of time, and the sons also speak English. One of them is also a tourist guide, and can take you not only along the hiking and biking trails to discover the attractions of Bistrica, but also to the more distant destinations.

Bistrica, Bijelo Polje
+382 67 588 830

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