Talanovci: Rural Household – Vuceljic Valley


At roughly 5 km from Andrijevica, forest road leads to the village Talanovci, and on its sunny side lies the property Vučeljić. Quiet garden full of home grown fruit is intertwined with wilderness of the forest that surrounds it. Vuceljic family hs decided some years ago to initiate certification procedure for organic production of fruit, and today they are one of the rare families that has this certificate. From the fruit they produce, they prepare all kinds of treats – homemade brandy (traditional rakija), jams, juices, preserves.

This is an ideal place to enjoy the richness of colors and sounds of nature. The view from the room windows will simply boost your energy and take you out for a walk. There are also well arranged and marked cycling routes in the immediate vicinity of the household. If you are into hiking or biking, there is a route that will take you from this house to Komovi mountain, and the whole way you will have such a fantastic view that you will not feel tired at all! The hosts will do their best to provide the authentic village experience to their guests serving them homemade brandy and traditional dishes prepared from home grown ingredients.

6 people
+382 69 372 362

Biking trails which pass by accommodation:

Top Biking Trail 3 – Eastern Enchantment
Andrijevica Lokal Trails AN05, AN06


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