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Mountain Outdoor Center – Krivi Do
Bjelasica – Andrijevica – Montenegro

Bar to Niksic: Montenegro Week 3

Mountain passes, heatwave, springs, tunnels, friendly locals and turtles   Over the past week, we have cycled from the southern coast in Bar to northern mountains in Danilovgrad and now in Nikšić. We have covered over 140 km in 5 days with over 2800 metres of climbing. Till date in Montenegro, we have cycled over … Continue reading Bar to Niksic: Montenegro Week 3

Kotor to Bar: Montenegro Week 2

Crowded beaches, scary coastal highways, beach camping, bureks and humidity   After a relaxing week in Kotor, we have cycled under 70 km over 3 days following the coastline of Montenegro from Budva to Bar. Unlike Croatia, we have slowed down our pace and keen to avoid finishing our time here too quickly. This chapter is … Continue reading Kotor to Bar: Montenegro Week 2

Podgorica: Biking Through Kucka Krajina

Podgorica – Kučka korita – Rikavačko Lake – Bukumirsko Lake – Podgorica   GPS   We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Albert Einstein   Departing from Podgorica (0 km, 60 altitude) The idea for the tour came up only … Continue reading Podgorica: Biking Through Kucka Krajina

Frozen Silence of Visitor

Visitor, a mountain that proudly overlooks Plavsko lake, closing the view towards Komovi, is widely popular among mountaineers from all over the region. It has been noted that the youngest person who climbed the Plana peak (2211m) was 4 years old, and the oldest was 83. Many people walked the trails leading to this peak, … Continue reading Frozen Silence of Visitor

Photo Story – Biking Through National Park Prokletije

It was about time that this year we take one of the most attractive biking routes not only in Plav area, but in whole Montenegro. A route that any biking enthusiast needs to add to his or her biking agenda. Lake, streams, forests, pastures, mountain peaks, hidden roads and trails, border…biking story that flows in … Continue reading Photo Story – Biking Through National Park Prokletije