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Plav Cultural Route by Bike

Once you have explored all the wonderful mountain bike trails offered in Plav area, a real treat that awaits you is exploring Plav cultural route and getting to know the cultural heritage of this region. In 55 kilometers of this tour that covers both banks Plavsko lake, Ljuca and Lim rivers, you will meet with … Continue reading Plav Cultural Route by Bike

Frozen Silence of Visitor

Visitor, a mountain that proudly overlooks Plavsko lake, closing the view towards Komovi, is widely popular among mountaineers from all over the region. It has been noted that the youngest person who climbed the Plana peak (2211m) was 4 years old, and the oldest was 83. Many people walked the trails leading to this peak, … Continue reading Frozen Silence of Visitor

Video: People from the Cursed Mountains

Film about Cursed Mountains and hardworking people who live and work there!

Responsible Innovation in Prokletije – Plav, Gusinje and Andrijevica.
Video prepared as part of Facilitating Responsible Innovation project, within South East Europe Program, funded by EU and implemented in Montenegro by Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije.

Biking Trail PL05 – Visitor Lake

Plav – Visitor Lake – Plav   GPS The lake is located in a wonderful place and it is worth a visit, but the road leading to it is poor, and the ascent is difficult. Therefore this is a tour for very fit cycling enthusiasts, that is to say, those who are always willing to … Continue reading Biking Trail PL05 – Visitor Lake

Biking Trail PL04 – Hrid Lake

Plav – Hrid Lake – Plav   GPS Probably the most attractive tour in the region of Plav. A rich programme for a full day’s excursion, many different landscapes and magical areas, but it also requires a good fitness level. For those who do not possess it, in this case as well our recommendation is … Continue reading Biking Trail PL04 – Hrid Lake