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Mountain Outdoor Center – Krivi Do
Bjelasica – Andrijevica – Montenegro

Circle Around Komovi

In addition to the already well-known paths that lead to the three main and most attractive peaks of Komovi – Vasojevićki (2461m), Kučki (2487m) and Ljevorečki Kom (2463m), in the immediate vicinity of this magical mountain there are many hiking trails that are also exciting and beautiful but are somewhat less known or completely unknown … Continue reading Circle Around Komovi

Zeletin Circle

Zeletin is a great mountain that belongs to the Prokletije range, and extends from Andrijevica to Gusinje and Andrijevica village – Kuti. Zeletin is home to one of the best preserved biodiversity in Montenegro, very interesting terrain on where cliffs and ridges constantly alternate, valleys and ravines, meadows and ponds, deciduous and evergreen forests full … Continue reading Zeletin Circle

Komovi: Japan – Mojan

The whole area of Konjuhe and a beautiful village of Japan (1090m), already known to the public because of its unusual name, located just below the Vasojevićki Kom, close to the clear mountain rivers Mojanska, Desna and Perucica, represent the starting point of the many hidden hiking and biking trails that have yet to be … Continue reading Komovi: Japan – Mojan

Lubnice – Crna glava

The greatest Bjelasica peak Crna Glava (2139m), from Berane direction is usually reached either from katun Pesica Rupa  or from the mountain lodge Suvodo through Ursulovac. Both directions are characterized by long walking through gravel roads which in the summer months tend to be busy and full of jeeps, motorcycle or truck for forest exploitation, … Continue reading Lubnice – Crna glava