Lubnice – Crna glava

The greatest Bjelasica peak Crna Glava (2139m), from Berane direction is usually reached either from katun Pesica Rupa  or from the mountain lodge Suvodo through Ursulovac. Both directions are characterized by long walking through gravel roads which in the summer months tend to be busy and full of jeeps, motorcycle or truck for forest exploitation, and this results in a lot of dust and  enormous noise which, in our opinion, completely distorts the true mountain atmosphere. So for real mountain enthusiasts we suggest an alternative route that starts directly from the village Lubnice, the route which is completely quiet and charming with beautiful views, the actual shepherds’ trail that will take us over third Bjelasica ridge directly to the goal.

From Lubnice (1000m), towards the northwest, we climb first through the meadow and then a wide path through the beautiful beech forest, all the way to the pastoral stretch of Pojatište (1375m), once a great spring katun Lubnice shepherds, where today there are only a few huts. We continue the climb through Pojatište to another, also today abandoned spring katun Greda (1600m), and just after Greda we take a trail through the beech forest climbing to the Siljevac hill and onto the ridge (1750m). From here a beautiful view opens of Lubnice village and the entire valley of river Bistrica, all the way to Berane.

We continue along Siljevac ridge towards south-west, along a very nice walking path where all along the left side the magnificent view is dominated by the mighty Komovi mountain, and on the right side there is a steep cliffs overlooking the small village of Desin Do, surrounded by the huge pine tree forest called Desina Gora.  At the end of this ridge we reach the small rocky boulder (Govedja Glava 1827m) covered with grass , and we take the rocky trail on the right to reach the pass Prešklapa (1820m) behind which you will see the steep slope of Smiljeva Glava (1950m) and behind it, further along the ridge, the peak Rogavac (2030m). Both these peaks got their names from mountain flowers growing on them – smilje and rogavac, and a large complex of meadows that stretches below Smiljeva glava and Rogavac, is called Ratinje. There are many water springs in these meadows. From Rogavac we continue along the ridge, and walking high above Senic katun and Pesica Rupa katun, enjoying the view of Zekova Glava and Pesica Lake, we finally arrive just below the eastern side of Crna Glava peak. Couple of more meters of steep incline and we are on the top of the highest peak of Bjelasica mountain (2139m), where there is a phenomenal view of everywhere around and of whole Bjelasica mountainy.

If you’ve stayed in Lubnice this is definitely the most beautiful and the most attractive route towards Crna Glava, and from where you can return taking the usual routes over Pesica Lake or from the other side over Ursulovačko Lake. Those of you who have opted for a multi-day hiking tour can continue along the third ridge to Jarčeve strane and down to the Biogradsko Lake. Interestingly, there is an attractive rural and mountain network of trails from Berane town, which we have explored, meaning that it is possible to get from Berane to Biogradsko Lake completely bypassing the asphalt and gravel roads, enjoying the quiet and relaxing hike through very attractive areas.

NOTE: The trail is not marked.

Rural Household – Kljajic House (Lubnice)
Rural Household – Three Springs (Lubnice)

Exploration of this trail has been supported by National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro.






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