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Mountain Outdoor Center – Krivi Do
Bjelasica – Andrijevica – Montenegro

Bar to Niksic: Montenegro Week 3

Mountain passes, heatwave, springs, tunnels, friendly locals and turtles   Over the past week, we have cycled from the southern coast in Bar to northern mountains in Danilovgrad and now in Nikšić. We have covered over 140 km in 5 days with over 2800 metres of climbing. Till date in Montenegro, we have cycled over … Continue reading Bar to Niksic: Montenegro Week 3

Kotor to Bar: Montenegro Week 2

Crowded beaches, scary coastal highways, beach camping, bureks and humidity   After a relaxing week in Kotor, we have cycled under 70 km over 3 days following the coastline of Montenegro from Budva to Bar. Unlike Croatia, we have slowed down our pace and keen to avoid finishing our time here too quickly. This chapter is … Continue reading Kotor to Bar: Montenegro Week 2

Bulgarian Bikers Again in Northern Montenegro

Translated using Google Translate. We apologize for grammatical errors. We have already written about a large group of Bulgarian mountain bikers who fell in love with Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije and who regularly spend their holidays on these mountains. This year they selected our center for their base and seven days they were exploring for them … Continue reading Bulgarian Bikers Again in Northern Montenegro

Balj and Pisevo

Balj and Piševo, mountains that stretch over Andrijevica villages Seoce and Gracanica, are very interesting when it comes to mountain biking, and this route is the missing link to complete a network of Andrijevca biking trails. The route is rich with beautiful vantage points of the valley of Lim, Andrijevica, Komovi and Zeletin and on … Continue reading Balj and Pisevo

On TT3 Biking Trail

Riding across Montenegro to meet in Podgorica, we first encounter signs for a multi-day off-pavement route outside Mojkovac, one of the larger towns on this 300km loop route.  The Top Biking Trail 3 is billed as a route of “Eastern Enchantment”, and is offered to riders through an official guide, limited trail signage, and a free … Continue reading On TT3 Biking Trail

Piperi: Hiking And Biking Off The Beaten Track

Our cottage in Rogami is an excellent starting point for hiking or biking tours to Piperi – the mountainous area that is situated north-east from Podgorica, between the Morača and Zeta rivers. The Piperi clan is one of the seven traditional highland tribes of Montenegro, famous in the Montenegrin history for their courage during the … Continue reading Piperi: Hiking And Biking Off The Beaten Track

Bjelopavlići: Biking Through Garbage Land

Our first biking tour this year had to be an easy one, as we needed some training. We decided to make a trip through the Bjelopavlići plain, taking the old road from Podgorica to Danilovgrad and then back along the other side of the Zeta river, passing by the Ždrebaonik monastery and further returning through … Continue reading Bjelopavlići: Biking Through Garbage Land