Balj and Pisevo

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Balj and Piševo, mountains that stretch over Andrijevica villages Seoce and Gracanica, are very interesting when it comes to mountain biking, and this route is the missing link to complete a network of Andrijevca biking trails. The route is rich with beautiful vantage points of the valley of Lim, Andrijevica, Komovi and Zeletin and on the other side Kostreš and Šekular villages.

We start from Andrijevica, on the main road that leads to Plav, but as soon as we pass Zlorečica river, we turn left towards the village Seoce. There, after a short asphalt section, begins very strong rise along the gravel road through Bojov laz to the top of a grassy and flat-topped Teferič (1557m), where there is a repeater and a very nice lookout with benches, a perfect place for because the view is fantastic and in the spring at meadows you can see grazing flocks of sheep so that the whole atmosphere captures the soul of anyone who at least for a day escaped from the asphalt and everyday life of the town.

We continue back to the crossroads where we had turned for Teferič, and then we go right, reaching slowly the opposite side of Balj, riding  through the beech forests that alternate with beautiful meadows and some shepherd’s huts, towards the place called Kovcezi. Kovcezi is a katun zone, which has beautiful valleys all around, and when you reach the very edge of this zone, just behind the beech alley on the west side, you will be privileged with one of the most beautiful views of whole Lim valley and Suceska gorge.

What comes next is return to the main road, and we go further through Jasen and Rupa Culafica to enter the territory of Pisevo mountain,  leaving behind Rasojevićka glava (1601m), riding across the  phenomenal ridge, on the very edge of the grass covered and steep slope towards Sokolova glava (1619m) up to the junction from which one road goes to Šekular, and the other,  on the right of Omarska glava (1747m), continues further through slopes of Pisevo, through the eerily devastated forest complex, if it can be called forest at all.

From there we begin descent to the village of Gracanica, where we go directly through the hamlet Grudice to a local asphalt road, and then we only have a short, relaxed ride until we get back to Andrijevica, where we return overwhelmed with beautiful cycling impressions. We have learnt that very soon in the village Grudice one household will start offering tourism services – accommodation and meals, and that it will be possible to taste various culinary delicacies here that cannot be found elsewhere, and we promise that we will let you know as soon as this activity be launched, because Grudice would be an ideal place for rest and for further exploring of Andrijevica biking trails.

Exploration of this trail has been supported by National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro.


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