Our Work On Open Street Maps

Three months ago we have initiated a comprehensive work on OSM (Wikipedia) online map which is used by many navigation and orientation applications. Where Montenegro is concerned, this map has been completely useless, as it contained very little data, and the data that was entered was mainly related to urban areas. We started from the very beginning – by drawing polygons and multi-polygons covering forest areas, meadows, rivers and lakes, coasts, and these multi-polygons are continuously being modified to become more detailed. Parallel to this we enter roads, hiking trails, numerous toponyms, as well as micro locations that were never included in any maps, and for which we gather information in the field, by the locals. While walking or biking through this area we often come across water springs, viewpoints, open huts that can be used as shelter, we always collect GPS data based on which we enter such locations into OSM. Up to now we have spent huge number of working hours into this enthusiastic project, but we will continue to do so, trying to cover as much area as possible.


OSM have a layer CYCLE MAP which is dedicated to biking, so we have marked all known biking routes that pass through Montenegro, and what we have got now is an interesting network of biking (tourism) trails, for which on this website you can also get free GPS logs and descriptions. We have already written about how you can use our website as navigation tool, but now, aside from this option, what you can do is use a completely new option for your successful orientation on the ground without track log. All you need to do is install on your mobile phone any GPS application that offers the option of loading Open Cycle Map, and that would be all. The whole network of Montenegrin biking trails will then always be with you. One of such applications is Runtastic Mountain Bike, which offers an additional option of using these maps in offline mode, and in that case you don’t even need internet connection for your trip.

Red: national Top Trail routes – Blue: local routes


Have you ever wondered, while hiking or biking, what was the name of a peak or a hill you were passing by, or when you conquer one peak have you been curious about what are the names of the peaks you can see as on the palm of your hand? Peak Finder is a very interesting service that will enable you to learn the names of all peaks around you and their altitudes, by using a mobile phone application. Great, right? However, in this region, this application was completely useless, as its database had only information about couple of highest peaks in Montenegro. Wherever you would turn your phone, you would see only the shape of the peaks, without any information. That is why, within the voluntary work that we do, we decided to make this application useful as well, and have entered enormous amount of data for our region, numerous peaks and their altitudes, so right now this application can be used successfully. In future we will continue to add information until we enter all known toponyms.

Browser version, Visitor example.

All of this represents one additional opportunity for orientation on the ground, as tourism signalization has been devastated in many places due to negligence, thieving, or hooliganism, and often you cannot even rely on painted markings as we have found out that this work is not always done carefully and reliably, or that markings are simply not maintained properly. If you are not sure how GPS technology is used and you orientation skills on the ground are not so good, the safest way for you is to get an experienced guide. Website greenmount.me just offers navigation opportunities, but does not assume any responsibility for the safety of the users.

On this link you can check our current contribution to development of OSM. 

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