Free Climbing in Berane


Width : 42 ° 50’0 .81 ” Н
Length: 19 ° 49’27 .97 ” Е

Recommendations: Close to the road and water source, wonderful surroundings, two sectors with different difficulty levels, accommodation in the village

Exceptionally beautiful place to face the vertical, the very being of the mountain, ones own inner strengths. Exciting, tucked in, romantic, next to the river, open to the heights. New road leads to the very foot of the rock. Actually, there is a smaller rock on the left side of the road, for all those who want to try and beginners, there is the bigger one on the right, for medium ad more advanced climbers. There is enough space around both for equipment and preparations. Up to now, there are around thirty routes that already have their names, but there is enough space for some new ones…

How To Get There?

It takes fifteen minutes of drive from Berane to the climbing area (at the exit from the town towards Andrijevica turn right in the direction of Jelovica and continue along that road to the turn to the village of Banjevac. The bigger, right sector is visible from this spot, and if you continue left towards Banjevac after a few minutes walk you will come across the mini climbing area next to the road). The road along the Bistrica river, which is created in Lubnice from three small mountain rivers- brings climbers into their story perfectly.


It would be ideal to stay in the nearest village of Lubnice, in the authentic house, with the Kljajic or Obradovic family. There is also a hotel in Jelovica, some 13 kilometres away. Even Berane is not far, with several good small hotels.
The food in this area is beautiful, all domestic products are worth tasting. You can also buy honey, rakija, cheese. To complete the stay one should visit Polimski Museum, and Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery.

List of directions

Berane - Slobodno penjanje