Lipovo: Rural Household – Misko’s Cheese Farm

The house owned by Milijanka and Misko Puletic is more than a hundred years old (when it was being repaired, in 1965, one had to sell 50 sheep just to buy the roof!). A morning view on Torna and other Moracke mountains- powerful, proud, seemingly unreachable (yet so close) you will experience as a life reward. Wooden floors, woolen blankets woven by hand- those are only some of the details that will make your stay in Puletic home, cozy and warm. Breakfast is yet another story. Homemade bread out of a wooden stove, layered cheese, salty cream, Montenegin donuts, polenta, dishes prepared in a metal bell covered with ambers on an open fire, or a trout out of their own fish pond- all specialties.

Taste Misko’s brandy with gentiana root, or a juice Milianka makes, or tea. You can make a barbeque yourselves, or help the hosts collect hey or milk the animals. Puletici have cows, sheep goats, pigs, hens, beehives, orchard, vegetable garden- there is always something to do.

Lipovo, Kolašin
+382 68 793 935

Biking trails which pass by accommodation:

Top Biking Trail 1 – Salty And Sweet
Top Biking Trail 4 – Endless Lanscapes

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