Fly Fishing in Plav

Plav is located in the northeast of Montenegro, at 950 meters above sea level, surrounded by the massive and craggy mountain chain of Prokletije Mountains. Numerous steep peaks of alpine altitudes, long cirques and deep escarpments, but a tame pastures and valleys, characterize these seemingly harsh, but imposing mountains. On Prokletiije’s bare, steep slopes and in the deep forests many springs and streams, clear rivers are born and glacial lakes survive.


At the foot of the mountain Visitor is the biggest jewel of Plav Municipality, Plavsko Lake, the largest glacier lake in Montenegro. Plavsko Lake is elliptical in shape, with the area of two km2; the length of the lake is 2 km and width 1 km, with an average depth of 3 meters and the highest 9 meters. It lies on 907 meters above sea level.

Plavsko Lake gets clear and cold water from 16 km long Ljuca River, which flows into it, and is formed by the Rivers Vruja and Grncar. The River Vruja, formed by Ali Pasha’s springs and small River Grlja, is the largest natural spawning of “muddy” trout – endemic species of trout. River Lim, hydrographic most important Montenegrin River, flows out from the Lake. There are a large number of “wild” rivers and streams.

Plavsko Lake with its tributary Ljuca River, and Lim that flows out from the Lake and flows into the Drina, is the perfect area for fishing lovers.


Great water surface is under special protection today and is intended mainly for fly- fishing, according to catch and release regulations. Fly fishing zone in Plav is one that has the most diverse offer in Montenegro. Fly fishing zone includes River Ljuca,  part of Plavsko Lake and the initial part of the river Lim, in the length of 4 km. The fish that inhabit these zones are brown trout, grayling, hucho hucho, “muddy” trout, pike, chub and nase. The largest part of the fish population in Lim River and Ljuca makes grayling and brown trout, while in the lake one can find all listed fish species.


Beginning of fishing season depends on the amount of snow on Prokletije Mountains. This is the period between 1 April and 15 May. As the season progresses, the conditions for fly-fishing are better.


Fly fishing zones in Plav are extremely rich in grayling, which is a real attraction for all lovers of fly-fishing. During June and July, when the mass swarming of Mayflies and caddisflies is active, water simply “boils” along the entire length of the flow as the grayling and trout intensively feed on with emergers and dry flies.

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