Biking Trail MO01 – Ružica


A challenge for every biker and lover of nature. It is the adventure one places into dearest of memories. So many things are packed into these twenty or so kilometres. So many times one should stop, not just to take a break. On viewpoints enchanting views on Bjelasica and Moracke mountains. Flocks of sheep in the meadows, interesting watering places. One should also listen to the birds. Katuns take turns, each interesting in its own way: Ckara, Donji Mulec, Gornji Mulec, Okrugljak. Almost a thousand meters difference in altitude. The air gets thinner, the view brighter, and the spaces of Sinjajevina vaster and more intriguing. On the katun, life is the same as centuries ago- the fire is burning in the hut even during the hottest of summer days, the smell of hot bread and fresh milk spreads around, the cheese is put into wooden containers, dry sheep skins filled with sour cream. Horses graze around freely. Hard working hosts greet guests with joy and share everything that is on the table.

Start is from Polje, at the info board, less than two kilometres towards Zabljak. For the most part there is a very good gravel road. The end of the route is katun Okrugljak, from which one can see the church Ruzica, a traditional gathering point. In the mountain hut Ckara, one can spend the night and prepare some food.

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