Bjelasica: Mountain Biking Day


 On Sunday, June 22, we have had a marvelous MTB day, and gathering of mountain bikers from Berane and Bijelo Polje. The route was difficult, if you take into account the overall elevation, but the joy of most beautiful sights of Bjelasica and Komovi was sufficient satisfaction for the level of effort. We started the route in Berane, and took the main road to Andrijevica, where we started climbing to Gradisnica. We had a break at eco village of Slobo Bakic, and then we continued through Rudo brdo and Lisa towards Bjelasica. We stopped at Krivi Do and refreshed at katun Vranjak where we were hosted by Darko Bulatovic. We returned to Berane through Jelovica and Lubnice. We were fortunate with good weather, and with the fact that there are numerous springs of fresh, mountain water on Bjelasica mountain, so we tried each of them. We plan for new gatherings, new climbs and new mountain vistas soon!

 Berane – Andrijevica – Gradišnica – Rudo brdo – Lisa – Bačko brdo – Krivi do – Vranjak – Jelovica – Lubnice – Berane

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