Whitewater kayaking on Kuckaja, Perucica and Zlorecica

When we talk about kayaking in this region, what first comes to mind are big rivers, Lim and Tara. However, our region is rich with water, and smaller tributaries of these rivers are fast, mountain rivers which in spring represent a real delicacy for kayakers eager for true adrenaline. Most interesting among them are Perucica and Kuckaja, which connect and become Zlorecica river, flowing further into Lim. These are clean, fast, turquoise waters, real mountain rivers, where you will find waterfalls, drops, whirlpools and rapids. At the time of low water level they will seem quiet and harmless, except on some points, but in spring they become wild as melted snow from all surrounding mountains give them enormous strength.

We tried kayaking here in October, and it is possible despite low water level,  but you should be cautious of potential obstacles such as fallen tree trunks and branches. In the coming period we will explore kayaking potential here with more attention, and will take steps to make it an enjoyable experience without such obstacle. In the meantime, if you decide to try these waters, please know that these rivers are not yet arranged for kayaking, so it would be necessary that you cautiously scout them first, as we did in October. So take a look how it looked like.

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