Who we are?

We are informal group of people who love biking, nature and Montenegro. We strongly believe that northern part of this beautiful country has so much potential for tourism, but we are tired of waiting for relevant actors to start doing something towards valorising this potential. We want to show to our fellow citizens what treasure we have all around us, to share with our fellow countrymen who rarely travel to north some photographs and experiences from here, and to potential tourists what adventures await them if they decide to visit.

We also want to focus your attention on some problems, as we believe that only when we, as a community, are fully aware of the problems, we will start resolving them.

We don’t want to work on this mission alone, we invite you to get involved and give your own contribution for the north.

We will share with you suggestions for biking routes, some that we designed ourselves, and some that already exist. We will share all the information we have, but we do not guarantee for the correctness of that information out in the field, as situation there can change due to weather conditions or due to acts of irresponsible individuals. That is why we wholeheartedly recommend you ride with a navigation device and with GPS logs of the chosen trail, or in company of a good guide.